How long in advance do I need to book?

We do not need months of notice and will always try to meet your requirements. Obviously, though, the more notice you can give us the better.  Speaking to us earlier also helps ensure we can offer you a shared distribution.

How long will distribution take?

We normally allow our distributors a week from the date they receive an assignment from us. Occasionally we ask for a little more time.  When you call to book we will talk through the timing for your particular job.

When do you need my items?

We ask that you have your items with us at least 7 days in advance of the distribution commencement date.  If this presents a problem please call us. Different arrangements apply for monthly magazines.

Do you deliver to every household?

There are a number of reasons why a house may not receive delivery.  For example, the householder may have a notice indicating that circulars are not desired, the property may be obviously empty, there may be a dog etc. In addition, on rare occasions there may be a minor mis-match between the number of houses and the number of items for delivery.  With flats we ask our distributors to deliver only if they can gain access and deliver to individual letterboxes i.e. not to leave a pile in the main entrance.  In rural areas we deliver to the main body of the village.

Do I need to deliver to you?

We quote on the basis that the items will be delivered to us.  If required we can usually collect, though we do make an additional charge for this service.

How do I know my items will be delivered?

We take a number of steps to help ensure our distributors properly complete their assignments.

  • All distributors are adults and are personally briefed by one of our managers.
  • Distributors are monitored by a system of random back-checking.
  • Face to face back-checking is carried out by our own supervisors.
  • Each distributor is provided with a street map illustrating exact areas of distribution.
  • Distributors are asked to identify all houses within the area who do not receive delivery and to explain why.

Distributors are checked on a random basis. If you wish to ensure that your specific job is checked then telephone backchecks carried out by a third party may be appropriate and we can arrange this at additional charge.

What if I believe the distribution has not been carried out properly?

If you are concerned about a particular distribution the manager concerned will be happy to discuss that with you and to investigate any potential problem.  If appropriate, back-checks will be undertaken.