Why Door to Door Distribution?

Are you wondering how you can best communicate with your consumer when the number of competing media continues to grow so rapidly?  A door-to-door delivery campaign may be the answer.

Door-to-door marketing has established itself as a powerful and effective medium of ever increasing popularity. The latest Direct Marketing Association (DMA) research (2011) showed that expenditure on door-to-door distribution amounted to £256m comprising delivery of 6.97 billion items. 

Door-to-door distribution has a number of distinct advantages:


The impact value is very high.  People have only one letterbox, they tend to notice door drops, to pick them up and to look at them.


Research indicates that 48% of consumers have visited a shop, sent for information or bought a product having received a door drop.*


While usefulness depends on the nature of the item being distributed, research indicates that 62-71% of consumers claim coupons, offers and samples are useful.*


A well executed door-to-door campaign produces measurable responses which advertisers can use to analyse how much business they generated for their spend.


There are very few limits to the format used.  For example, an insert may be subject to restrictions imposed by the carrier publication - with door to door distribution, as long as the item will fit through a letterbox, almost anything goes.

Facilitates Responses

Unlike some forms of marketing, responding to mailings is easy for consumers. Furthermore, mailings are often kept by consumers and can lead to responses months after delivery.  Independent research has shown that as many as 79% of people keep, pass on or glance at door drop material, 38% keep it for at least a few days and 13% keep it for a week or more.*


If your target audience can best be described geographically, door-to-door may well be your best form of marketing.  Equally, geo-demographic and lifestyle targeting can be used to identify geographic areas which contain a high proportion of your target audience.

Cost Effective

Door-to-door delivery is considerably cheaper than direct mail and provides an extremely cost effective way of delivering high information content.


Unlike most forms of advertising, a large amount of information can be conveyed to the target audience.

For guidance on making the most of your door-to-door campaign see here.

.* Source: BMRB Omnibus/Synergism Study June 2001